Lucie Update- Feb 24, 2015


Lucille is continuing to soar. They started "sprinting" her again on Nasal SPONT around 2am this morning after a "short" 5 hour break and as of now she is still going strong, which is excellent! They have increased her feeding to 38 mL every 3 hours.  She needs more food to give her strength, she is working harder by breathing with less help and regulating her temperature while her isolette is still off.  She weighs 1910 grams or 4 lbs, 3.4oz.  Once a week we get a couple of other measurement stats on Lucie Lyn too... As of Sunday night her length was 42 cm (16.5 in), her tummy was 30cm round, and her head circumference was 28.75cm! 

We gave her another bath tonight and did all of her "cares" without any help from the nurses!   After drying her off we slathered some lotion on her too.  Towel hugs are Drea's favorite, and I just love getting to snuggle our fresh smelling little girl!

We had some fun visitors too, Richard and Jessa came by to say hello! 

Thanks so much for your continued prayers. Have a good night all! 


Rob, Drea, Lucie & Bess