The Hickson Family = Rob, Drea, Lucie, Felicity & Bess = Los Hicksons

We thought the name of this site would be a fun way to represent our family heritage which is a mix of Irish/ Scottish/ Southern/ Puertorican/ and Cuban cultures.  A little bit about us... The condensed version is that, we met in 2006 through mutual friends at FIU (Go Panthers!), fell in looooooove, got married in 2007, and then moved to the Big Apple in 2009!  Living in NYC, away from our families, inspired us to start this blog.  It's been such a great way for our loved ones to get a better glimpse of what we are up to. In July 2014 (after 19 months of hoping and praying) we found out we were expecting a baby! Due to unknown reasons, I found out that I was in pre-term labor at 23 weeks and 5 days.  During what was easily, the scariest, most uncertain time of our lives, Rob started sending email updates to family to keep everyone informed of what was happening.  Our fierce little darling of a daughter, Lucille, was born as a micro preemie when I was 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and with that, more and more people wanted to know how things were going.  A friend helped bring those emails, along with our old blog to this site which we have been updating ever since. (Thank you!) We hope to continue to share pictures and memories of our many experiences, get-togethers and projects, especially as we have now welcomed our second daughter, (another preemie), Felicity in 2019. Enjoy!

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See all of our We Love Lucie posts... up until April 2016 by clicking the link. We will continue posting about our family on this main page.

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