Lucie Update- Dec 16, 2014

Hi friends and family,

We are going to try and send you updates twice a day so this is our "nightly update". We want to communicate with you as much as we can, even if there isn't much of an update. No news is good news and the longer the baby is inside of mama bear, and mama bear is in the hospital, the better. Although we are still early in the pregnancy, every day we are here and the baby is inside of Drea, our chances increase.

We have been asked by a couple of people for some specifics to pray for, so we have been think of them throughout the day.


- Communication with Nurses (we get a new nurse every 12hrs and as soon as we develop a system/relationship they rotate. So far we have seen some that are rockstars, completely willing to advocate for whatever makes Drea comfortable, while others make it difficult to accommodate. Whether it's because their still learning or just having a bad day (as was one case).

- Praise that every test today has shown NO infections, please pray that that would continue to be the case.

-NO CONTRACTIONS! She has had no contractions as of this morning, please pray that that would continue to be the case.

-Please pray that Drea would remain comfortable in this, as we hope and pray to be a long process. She is on complete bed rest and it causes discomfort.

We will continue to update you and hope to get you fresh information once the doctors do the morning rounds. It gets quite busy here in the morning so we don't anticipate having the time to email you in the morning, more like early afternoon. Please keep the texts and emails coming they are very encouraging to us throughout this process. Even if we don't write back we are reading everything that comes our way. Also, please note we are at Mt. Sinai in NYC, not Florida.

Below is the picture from the sonogram we got this afternoon of our little fighter. #PoundIt

Merry Christmas from baby Drebby.  We love you all.