Lucie Update- Dec 16, 2014

Good morning friends and family,

We just thought we'd try to keep you all updated as we learn more with each Dr. we see.

We are seeing all the texts and notes and prayers - please keep them coming.  We may not reply but we will continue to keep you all posted together. 

Yesterday, at 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant, Drea went to the doctor for a routine check up and we found out that she was in Preterm Labor.  She was having contractions about 1 minute apart and was 4cm dilated.  (4cm dilated is considered fully dilated for a baby this size.) Overnight, Drea stopped having contractions but is having them again now about every 5 minutes apart.  So this means if she develops an infection, or if her water breaks and she starts going into labor because her contractions get worse, then the baby will be delivered and so we are hoping this doesn't happen.

If she has no infection, but her water breaks and her contractions remain stable, she could go into labor within 24 hours to up to 1 week later.  Once in a blue moon, they can keep mom's pregnant for longer, up to the 34 week mark. 

Each hour, day and week that the baby is inside Andrea and that there is no infection is key.

We are at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC on 98th and 5th, in KP2, on the labor and delivery floor, room 52.  If she continues to stabilize they will move her to another area.  We are happy to have visitors for short periods of time.  The longer we are here the visit times can increase

Thank you again so much for your prayers.  We will keep you updated.

Love you all,
Rob, Drea and baby Drebby