Lucie Update- Dec 17, 2014

Good morning family!

Last night was another good night for Drea and me and we are praising God for yet another day. We both got 8 hours of sleep which was barely interrupted. They will be keeping her on course with the hopes to keep things "boring". Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. It is great to be so distracted by all of your love.


-There were no contractions overnight. She's on medicine to stop the contractions. At some point within 24hrs they will be taking her off of it. They were planning to take her off of it tonight, but decided it could be continued a little longer. Please pray that things continue to go well, with no contractions, once she is off of it. The doctors have decided to keep her on it a little longer since it is helping and because of the baby's great weight (67 percentile and 24 weeks today!).

- We had a nurse yesterday (backing up our nurse assigned to us) that was new, not just to us but to nursing as a whole. Drea and I were having to update her and explain things to her, at one point the nurse even googled (not joking) how to do a steroid shot in the hip, she did a great job, but still. God has been good this morning as she was assigned to us today, but has been in labor with another patient all morning. We have a different nurse covering for her who has been amazing.

- Meals have not been good in the sense that Drea was skipped for dinner, and almost skipped for breakfast this morning. Please pray that they can get it together. At first she was on a liquid diet which has been lifted but could have caused some confusion. Also since they don't bring me food, I will need to figure out a system. We welcome snacks, meals of any kind (breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon coffee, supper, dinner, "surely they know about these"-Lord of the Rings)! If they're for Drea, she's trying to avoid sweets until they rule out gestational diabetes. As for me I say bring on the diabetes!… just kidding.

- If things continue to remain stable, we might "graduate" and be moved to a new room. But, it looks like we will be in this same room at least for the next 24hrs.


WE LOVE THEM! We know most of you want to visit but work and won't be able to come by until after you get out which makes it hard to coordinate with so many of you that want to visit us at once. So, maybe we can come up with a system or something? All recommendations welcome!  If you work in the city or if you work near here and can stop by anytime during the day for lunch, afternoon coffee etc... that could also be very easily welcomed and helpful. We would love to see you all as soon as possible but thanks for your understanding if we have to push it a couple of days

We thank you all again for the love and looking forward to a"boring" update for you tonight!

Love you all,

Rob, Drea and Baby Drebby!!