Lucie Update- Jan 22, 2015 - 5 Weeks Old

Hey Kiddos,

Lucille is doing great. Her feeds went up to 6.5mL's! That's the most it's ever been and double from yesterday's! This is also where she would have been if they hadn't stopped her feeds for the surgery. They weaned the pressure on her vents for her breathing and increased the o2 a little bit.  Sounds boring, but all you need to know is that overall her ventilation settings are lower than they were before her surgery, so that is encouraging!  Her blood gas (amount of oxygen in her blood) was really good which is why they thought they could wean the pressure, so we'll see :). 

And, surprise! It turns out that they did another head sono yesterday.  We were going to ask them when the next one would be when we went in tonight!  The results showed that the bleeding is continuing to resolve, the clot is liquifying even more, the dilation of one of the ventricle's has stayed the same, which is okay, while the dilation of the other has actually decreased.  THANK GOD!  So that is all more really good news.  Since there has been some progress, they plan to lengthen the time between sonograms some more, so the next one will be late next week and the one after that will probably be two weeks later.  They will continue to measure her head circumference daily, to make sure there is no building of pressure and that it is growing at a normal rate (24.75 cm today).  Please continue to pray for Lucille's brain as well as praise God for the really great progress!  

Momma Bear got to do kangaroo care with Lucille again today (see pic below) which is always great for both my girls. During that time we got to sing to Lucie-Lyn, read to her, and just love on her and thank God that she's 5 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!  We are so thankful.  As always, we are truly grateful for your prayers, encouragement and support.

Los Hickson's