Lucie Update- Jan 23, 2015

Dearest Friends & Fam!  

Lucie is doing so great!  Her IV came out during the night and instead of giving her a new one, they decided that since the nutrition she was receiving via the IV was so minimal, instead, they would increase her feeds to 7mL per hour! This  morning, they raised her again to 7.5mL, and tonight they plan to bump her up to 8mL's per hour!  Woohoo! We're so thankful for each and every mL of her feeds that she is able to tolerate!  We're also so thankful that for the first time in her whole life, Lucie Pie doesn't have an IV in her!!  The doctors are also trying to continue to wean her off of her vents a little bit more each day and she seems to be handling that like a champ too.

A really exciting thing also happened tonight... Papa Bear got to do Kangaroo Care with Lucie-Lyn for the first time!!   When I asked him how it felt, he said holding her in his arms like that reminded him of how the Lord holds us and comforts us.  He felt so comforted and we all felt such peace.  There were a couple of times where he would ask me if she looked comfortable, and I kept telling him she looked soooooo peaceful!  One time he thought she might have peed on him, that was pretty funny (and thankfully she hadn't).  He loved that he could hold her in both of his arms instead of in a blanket and he could feel her breathing and squirming as she laid there on his chest.  It was such a great night for our little family.  He got to hold her that way for almost two hours!  I mean, I'm sure you're having a great Friday evening, but it would be pretty tough to top ours ;)

As we say goodnight, we also want to say how grateful we are for all of you, your support and your prayers.  Keep 'em coming!  Happy Friday everyone!

Love and hugs!

Drea, Robs, Lucie Pie & Bess


Yay! Kangaroo Care! 




Our girl is getting bigger!  Doesn't it look like she's giving the sign for 'I Love You'?