Lucie Update- Jan 21, 2015

Hi Lucie Fan Club!

It's Drea tonight!

Our sweet Lucille is considered a 29-Weeker today!  Way to go Luce!  She was extubated this afternoon and is back on the nasal prongs.  She is already being weaned from her ventilation settings every so often, and handling it really well!  She has also started her feedings again.  They did scale it back a little bit, so she went from 5.5ml per hour before the surgery to 3ml per hour today.  They will steadily increase that each day, and now that her PDA duct has been closed, she will most likely pass 5.5ml's in no time!  They actually kept her at that amount for the couple of days before the surgery and couldn't really increase her much more because of the PDA duct being open.  They kind of had her in a holding pattern and couldn't make much progress, but now that it has been closed, they can continue progressing to the point where she will only be taking the milk and no longer require the IV for her nutrition.  Hooray!

We were both so pleasantly surprised when we got to the hospital and saw Lucie-Lyn doing so well!  Not only that, but the nurse let us both hold her today.  Oh my goodness, it was the best.  Lucie smells so good, and makes the most adorable sounds!  Those moments of holding her are so precious and tender.  It's as if all of the wires disappear.  We just stare at her every feature.  Gasp! Look at that yawnnnnn!  Oh, listen to that hiccup!  Hun, check out her hand, she's holding my finger!  You get the idea :).  We try to soak up every bit of it.

Some of you may be wondering, how could we hold her so soon after surgery on her heart!?  We didn't really go into much detail about the procedure she had, except to say that the doctors continuously told us that it was considered very minor.  So we just wanted to mention what went down.  Our darling Lucie got a small incision in her back on the left side between two ribs.  The cardiologist entered through her left lung, reached her heart, hooked her up with the sweet titanium clamp, and then closed her up.  So, thankfully, even though it was surgery, and it was in her heart, it was not an open heart procedure and they did not have to cut her open from her sternum.  She has a bandaid on her back covering the incision right now, and since she was stable and doing so well, we were able to hold her.

We were just talking tonight, while we were at the hospital, saying that even though this has been such a tough month, we feel so blessed that we get the privilege of being Lucie's parents.  We thank God for that every day.  And we are so thankful to have you all in our lives, because it is so often through you that we feel the Lord comforting us, and strengthening us.  Sure, we have moments of exhaustion, of stress, but we know that the Lord is in control.  When it is tough to simply trust that, we get a note from one of you, a text, a friendly voicemail, and it serves as a reminder, that God is with us and He is certainly with miss Lucie Pie!!  She is so fierce, and it is so inspiring to see her tackle each day.  As we say goodnight, we just want to ask that you keep praying for Lucie's recovery from her surgery, and especially for her brain.  Please pray for me and my recovery from my c-section, I have still been feeling some aches and pains along the way.  Lastly, pray that we can all get rest, and feel refreshed and recharged, especially papa bear.  Thanks so much!

Love and Hugs!  Drea, Robs, Lucie & Bessy