Lucie Update- Jan 20, 2015 - Our Superhero!

Hi Fam,

Welcome to!  Hope you like the site, and the name.  We loved this name because of how it represents our fun, multi-cultural family :)

Thank you all for your prayers over our little superhero, Lucille, as she was in surgery today.  She is still in and out waking up here and there as her anesthesia wears off.  Her vitals are great, and she was re-intubated due to the procedure.  She is breathing with the lowest settings on the ventilator that we have ever seen so that is extremely encouraging and it seems like she is doing better already.  They hope to start her feeds again tomorrow right where they left off, which is great, they won't have to start slowly increasing her from the starting point all over again.  Also, they may extubate her tomorrow since she is doing so amazing with her breathing levels… so tonight could potentially be one of the last times she is ever intubated.

The doctors said that when they did the echo this morning, the duct was a moderate size and they did not think it would close on its own any time soon.  When the cardiologist completed the surgery he told Andrea that it was actually even larger than what the echo showed, only confirming that Lucie really needed it and giving us even more peace about the fact that the procedure had to take place.

Again it's so great to have her doing so well already, please be praying for her recovery, that there won't be any infections or setbacks due to the surgery.  Also keep praying for her brain bleeds to reabsorb, and her ventricles to no longer be dilated.

We could not be more thrilled about how well the surgery went and we continue to pray that she will grow stronger and stronger by the day.  As we watched sweet Lucie rest tonight, we were so encouraged to see how well she is doing already.  One nurse saw her settings and said, "Wow! What a difference already!!  Now she's just going to fly right out of here!"  Thank you all for your prayers and messages of encouragement throughout the day, especially throughout the surgery.

We love you,
Rob, Drea, Lucie-Lyn and Bess