Lucie Update - Jan 20, 2015 - PDA Ligation

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to send out a quick update to let y'all know that sweet Lucie Pie will be getting the PDA Ligation surgery to close the duct this afternoon.  I will be heading to the hospital shortly, and Rob will be meeting me there later after work.  Although we were hoping that the duct would close on its own, we are feeling peace and comfort with the doctor's recommendation.  We know that this was not something that was rushed into and that the decision was not made due to an emergency.  We are extremely hopeful that within a few days of her recovery we will all see great improvements in Lucie's breathing due to the duct being closed.  We know Lucie is strong, she's in great hands with the best doctors and she is surrounded by so much love and prayer.

One cool fact that we learned about the procedure today, is that the clamp that will be used to close the duct is made of a very special titanium metal that will be permanent, and she won't need any follow-up surgeries as she gets older.  We already know she's a fighter, but now she will be like a real-life super hero with her titanium heart clamp!
We will keep you posted later this evening.

Love and hugs,
Drea, Rob, Lucie-Lyn & Bess