Lucie Update- Jan 17, 2015

Hi Everyone!  Drea here :)

Lucie-Lyn had a super chill day today!  She is breathing well on the nasal prongs! Yayyy!  We're really hoping that she continues to do well, and that they can continue to wean her off of her oxygen settings so that perhaps they will decide she does not need the PDA ligation next week after all.

Daddy-O got to spend some time reading to Lucille this afternoon, and a little bit later, the nurse asked if I'd like to hold Lucie. I assumed it would be holding her in blankets, but then I was so overwhelmingly surprised when the nurse said, no, Kangaroo!  KANGAROOOOOO Care is the BEST!!!  I got to snuggle with Lucie for almost two hours.  TWO HOURS friends!! Oh, my heart is so full!  I hope it did as much for Lucie as it did for me, if not more!  Check out the sweet pictures below :)

We ended the night with friends, introducing them to some Puerto Rican food in honor of the weekend that we all would have had in PR to escape the NYC winter! Plus, they surprised us with a "1 Month" cake for Lucie-Lyn to celebrate her turning one month old "tomorrow"/today/9:17am.

I just want to echo what Robby has said so many times; thank you so much for coming along side of us during this extremely difficult time.  Thank you for every email of encouragement, every text, every prayer!  Thank you!  At the tip top of our minds every second, even on a fun night of Salsa music, delicious food and the best of friends, we are always thinking about Lucie.  Always praying for her brain and her heart, for her progress, hoping and praying that she will continue to strengthen daily.  So thank you for continually praying for her too.  We are so grateful.

Buenas Noches!!
Andrea, Rob, Lucie Pie and Bessy