Lucie Update- Jan 16, 2015

Happy Friday Fam!

Today we received another good update for our sweet Lucille, and for mama and papa bear :D (see pictures below).  I feel like each email gets more and more medical lingo-y, so thanks for sticking with us!!  

Lucie went down a teensy bit in her weight, but is holding strong at 960 grams... so... close! 1 kilo here we come! The nurse practitioner hopes that she will be 1 kilogram by Sunday, which by coincidence will be her 1-month birthday. You say coincidence, I say God's perfect timing for Lucie's God Story!  She was extubated this morning, so she is on the nasal prongs again!  They are hoping to see that Lucie can handle this without too much assistance from the machine, because if that's the case, then they can continue to hold off on the PDA ligation recommendation, which we would all prefer!  We're praying that Lucie can show that she is strong and doing well with the nasal prongs, and even more so, we are praying that the PDA would completely close, so that absolutely no surgery would be required (even though it is a small procedure, it would be so great if she didn't need it at all).  We are clinging to God's promises and the fact that He is the great physician and asking that He would close Lucie-Lyn's PDA a second time, another sweet addition to her God Story.  And we know that even if He doesn't, He is still with Lucie-Lyn every step of the way and that she has so many people rooting for her!  One of the residents told us that earlier today, the nurses and doctors were just hanging out admiring her because she's so cute!

Lucille's head sonogram came back with "significant" reabsorption of the blood (quoting the nurse practitioner this time not being funny or sarcastic). We are SO thankful for this update and that there is no pressure on her brain and that her head is still growing at a normal rate. Please continue to keep this in your prayers.  Her ventricles are still dilated, which is causing them to continue to consider the brain bleeds to be stage 3 and 4 even though there is significantly less blood.  They are hoping that since her clot is liquifying and her blood is being reabsorbed, that will relieve her ventricles so the dilation can decrease.  We are hoping that too!  With this update, they have decided that they only need to do one head sono a week again, and will continue to measure her head circumference daily (she's still at 23.5cm).

We are so very thankful for this great news we have received today, and continue to keep our minds focused on the day by day and are praying for another good day tomorrow. Thankfully, I am feeling better and continuing to take medicine so that I might be able to touch/hold Lucie again come her 1-month birthday :D, I am being extra cautious and making sure this thing runs its course so I don't put Lucie Girl at risk.  Please continue for Andrea's recovery process, that she would be on course to full recovery within the 6-8 week time period she was given. And if we could add one more thing, would you join us in praying that Lucie would continue to make progress as she has been, at a healthy steady pace, so that she can be released on or before her due date in April?  Thank you so much!!

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend with your family, friends and loved ones. Thank you all so much for your prayers, thoughts and support!

Roberto, Andrea, Lucie y Bess