Lucie Update- Jan 18, 2015 - Our One Month Old!

Hi Everyone,

Today was such a great day! There I was just sleeping, resting, eating, (getting "fat an happy" as Mommy and Daddy like to say) and sleeping and resting some more and then KA-BLOOIE; Mommy and Daddy showed up for my 1 month birthday! I didn't even know a month had a birthday, let alone MY month. They gave me a sign, to make sure everyone knew about it, and these two things they said were called flowers! They were so pretty, I wonder what other kinds of flowers there are out there?  Mommy and Daddy say they are beautiful and grow just like I have been .... am I a flower?  hmmmm... 

Anyway today was such a special one month day because Daddy got to hold me today, I love when I get to come out of my room and get to be held by Daddy and Mommy, it's nice because I can tell them that it's going to be ok and show them how strong I am when I squish their fingers... that way they know for sure.  I'm the best at squishing fingers; I hope to meet you soon so I can show you!  I'll be like: "grrrrrrrrrrrr [squeezes finger]", and you'll be like: "WHOA she's so strong", and I'll be like: "YA I squished your biggest finger, good thing it wasn't your tiny one"... you'll see!

Mommy and Daddy have continued to tell me how much everyone loves me and is helping take care of them while I'm here.  Thank you so much for praying for me and taking care of my Mommy and Daddy, I know it means the world to them.  It is because of you praying for me to Jesus, and because Jesus is so awesome at comforting, leading and guiding them that they are able to handle any of this. They were just saying to me today that they cannot believe how it has already been a month because it seems like I was just born yesterday, but I can't be tricked... what do you think; I was born yesterday?... geeze louise.  So anyway, THANK YOU for being so nice to them. They tell me about all my Aunts and Uncles that I have that love them and love me... just so you know, I have a lot! So far they have said name after name after name after name after name after name after name after name... phew, they should just have a name for that many, then I would just say the name for how many uncles and aunts I have... easier that way, right?

OH! I asked my Daddy and Mommy to share the pictures they took from my one month celebration today.  They'll be at the end of this message, when I'm done talking.  Thank you everyone for praying for me to grow up to be big and strong. The doctors are thinking about whether or not they should do a heart surgery for my heart duct, but I'm trying to show them how strong I am so they'll hold off...  Maybe if they stick their blue fingers next to me long enough, I can squish 'em and then they'll say, "Whoa! She's so strong!"  Mommy and Daddy hope I can show them by doing an amazing job with this booger plug they gave me that also helps me breath. So far, I've gone two whole days on it! Yay!!  Oh, and thank you so much for praying for my brain.  The brain bleeds are getting better much better, but still need to keep getting smaller and smaller until they disappear!

And guess what!?  They said I have a DOG; not sure what that is but doesn't it sound fun?!.. her name is Bess!  Thank you all for being so amazing to me, Mommy, Daddy and Bess.  Thank you for your prayers... and just so you know, I'm praying for each and everyone of you.  That God would return your awesomeness towards my parents, back to you, but even BIGGER.  Can't wait to meet you guys, we can run, and climb, and play, and run, and chase butterflies, and bugs, and all sorts of cool things I've heard about that I can't wait to try :D.  Well I'm going to sleep again, it's kinda my thang... you should go to bed too!  Don't forget about the pictures!

Love always,