Lucie Update- Jan 15, 2015 - 4 Weeks Old

Hey Fam,

As we try our best to stay focused on the day by day and minute by minute, we can rejoice in another great day for Lucille, our 4-Week old :D. She has put on another 50, healthy, grams, so she's weighing in at 970 grams, almost a kilo!  She has continued to do well with her vitals. They still have her intubated with the breathing tube, but they hope to take it out tomorrow, and instead put her on the nasal prongs again.  Her head circumference is still the same at 23.5 cm, her stomach is also growing at a heathy chunky pace. Great news is the doctors and nurses think the murmur is getting smaller and that the clot in her brain is starting to liquify which they hope will help with the blood being reabsorbed.  This is all very encouraging and a huge help to our hearts!  We are thankful. 

On that note, the doctors are thinking that Mondays and Fridays will be when she has her two head sonograms, so tomorrow she will have another one.  Please continue to pray for the blood in her brain to be reabsorbed, for the clot to be liquified and especially for her ventricles to be less dilated and for there to continue to be no pressure or swelling.  They decided to push the heart Echo to Monday instead of tomorrow.  Please continue to pray that Lucie-Lyn's PDA duct would close on it's own, especially since they think it sounds like it's getting smaller.  

More good news is that since Lucille has now grown out of the first hat she ever got at the hospital, we were able to bring it home and introduce Bess to her scent.  That went well until I gave the wrong command and she thought I was letting her have the hat... silly papa (see pic below).  ANNNNNND even though Lucie Pie is still intubated, Mama Bear got to hold her!  This was such a great visit for us, especially Andrea as you can see from the picture below.  Last but not least, I am actually feeling almost 100% better so I was able to see Lucie today, I still had to have a mask on and keep my distance, which will probably be the case for at least the next two days for me, but I look forward to touching her again soon, especially since she's almost a kilo!
Thank you all for your prayers and support, we honestly cannot say it enough. It is through your prayers and the Lord's grace that we make it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. 

Love to all!
Robby, Andy, Lucie, and Bessy