Lucie Update- Jan 14, 2015

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey familia,

So pumped that Lucille's infection is healed!... oh wait, that's right, Drea already mentioned that... So pumped they have increased her feeds again and our 28-week old babe is TWO POUNDS! #2PoundIt and doing very well as of January 14th, 2015 9:50pm... just staying focused on the now and minute by minute. 

Today, the doctors had a neurologist come look at Lucille's brain to make sure there was nothing they might be over looking, and at this point there is no cause for extra concern.  That was good to hear, however, they want to have the head sonogram done twice a week now instead of once, to keep on top of it. We are trying not to worry about the slight increased dilation of the ventricles and are trying to view this extra weekly head sono as just a way of being able to have a better watch on it.  Please continue to pray for Lucie's brain and heart. They are going ahead and scheduling Lucie-Lyn for her PDA ligation surgery to close the duct.  They are scheduling it for next Tuesday, they said at this point, they are only getting it on paper because it's easier to cancel the time rather than schedule it should they decide later this week that it is needed. On Friday, they will perform another Echo to help determine if the ligation is needed.  Please pray for the PDA duct to close on it's own so that they wouldn't have to do the surgery.  Although it is minor, surgery is surgery.   

We are so excited that Lucie is putting on weight each day, has passed her birth weight, and that her vitals continue to be strong and steady.  Please continue to pray for our sweet girl to continue to grow and strengthen.  Also, it's not often that I ask for prayer for me, but please keep me in your prayers as it seems that I am coming down with a cold.  I have just had an E-mergency and Vitamins, but I am SO sad that I will not be able to visit my little girl the next couple days until it completely passes.  (Drea jokingly said that I am not getting sick, but that it is just my body's way of mourning that football season is almost coming to an end... lol!)  Speaking of Andrea, please keep her recovery in your prayers as she is still on the mend, and that work would continue to go well for her.

We love you all and are so grateful for your prayers and support.

You rock... our socks,
Rob aka "The Ladies Man" lol, and The Ladies ;)