Lucie Update- Jan 12, 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you guys for your prayers and support. Lucille is continuing to remain steady and strong. We are just getting home from the hospital where we received an update on her brain bleeds as they were able to do the head sono today.  The results show little change from last week, and maybe even a possible slight increase, but it is being considered as "no change" which believe it or not, is a good thing.  Lucie's head circumference is a little bigger but it has been growing slightly over the past week at a normal pace so it is not considered as pressure or swelling, but just normal healthy growth so that is also a very good thing.  It is difficult to have waited a whole week to hear her new results only to find there really hasn't been any change, but after talking to the doctors we feel a little bit better (just a little bit... because obviously we are desperate to know that Lucie will be alright). 

We have to constantly remember to take it one day at a time and not to try to get too ahead of ourselves, which is so hard because we want her home so badly.  We want to see our sweet Lucie grow up to have a normal, healthy life where her biggest concern is whether to color Mickey Mouse pink, purple, green, or blue.  But we have to stay focused on today, and today things are just the same, and "just the same" isn't bad, it's good. We try and stay focused on the fact that her vitals are still doing well, her coloring is good, and she has a fierce grip on our fingers when she holds us. One great thing from today is that we still haven't heard back from the blood culture and are over the half way mark of the 48 hour waiting period. Please continue to pray that we don't hear anything. 

We can, however, already look back and see progress in Lucie.  We have already gotten to see her grow and develop right in front of us rather then imagining how big she might be as compared to a fruit week by week (which we did while Drea was pregnant).  We can see her skin getting pinker, and her hair getting fuller, we can see her footprints and handprints getting more and more defined.  We can rejoice over the fact that we have had the privilege and honor to be Lucie's parents for 25 whole days.  Each and every one of those days, we have prayed for the Lord's will in this situation, whatever that may be for Lucille's health and healing as we watchfully wait along with the Doctors.  It's a scary thing to pray, but we cling to the fact that we have a good and loving God who is in complete control who cares for us and cares for Lucie-Lyn even more than we ever could.

Please continue to pray for us to have strength and endurance as we try to stay focused on the day by day, minute by minute, second by second process. It is a long and winding road with scary unknowns at each turn, please pray that we can continue to take baby steps. (OH!  Speaking of, we took a sweet pic of Lucie Pie's delicious foot :D... that's right, delicious!)  And lastly pray for rest.  Rest for Lucie Bear, rest for Momma Bear and rest for this tired Papa Bear; that they would continue to recover beautifully, and that we would all have energy for the new day. Thank you again friends for all your love, prayer, and support. We couldn't do this without the Lord and without you allowing Him to work through you. Thank you.

We love you and thank the Lord for having you in our lives.

Rob, Drea, Lucie Pie and Bessy Ruth ;)... She has some nick-names as well :D