Lucie Update- Jan 11, 2015

Hey Lucie Nation!

So, shortly after we sent out the update last night, we received word that Lucille's blood culture still grew the bacteria. This led the doctors to believe that it was Lucie's PICC that was causing the infection. This was a bit frustrating to find out because the PICC is supposed to last up to a month, and the reason they did it was to avoid extra pokes, but other than that, we are glad they pin pointed the source and got rid of it! They wanted to wait and give her 24 hours without the PICC line to draw a new culture, so this evening they sent in the blood work, so we are praying that we won't hear anything for 48 hours (the amount of time it takes to be "in the clear").  Also we are trying to stay positive and believe that this infection could be God's way of buying Lucie Belle's heart duct some time to close again on it's own... who knows?


Moving forward, today was a good day for Lucie-Lyn. She was resting, and still very active, especially since she was sleeping the whole time... sure makes me wonder what she was dreaming about. I could see what seemed like a slight grin at one point. I like to think Little Lu was dreaming about running Counter Play Action and rolling out to hit the far post for the game winning touch down!.. buuuuut that could be just me. Who knows, it was probably just a fart. 

Please continue to pray for Lucie Pie since the week to come brings another head sonogram, as well as the results of her blood culture. We have been able to see her growing not just in the photos, but almost each new day. It's been great to know that she is still eating and that her insides are still doing well. Also, tomorrowwill be Andrea's first day at home alone since we said good bye to the grandparents today. It was great getting to have Abuela, Grandma and Granddaddy up here to see their granddaughter Lucie Bear and to help Drea as she continues to recover. Please pray for Andrea to be ok alone and not over do it, as I know is she is SO very likely to try to do too many things on her own ;). I mean, Lil Miss Independent (there, I believe I've used all my nicknames for Lucille) HAS to get it from someone ;). 

I feel like every time we end these emails it comes off as the same tone... but know it IS the same tone of humbled gratitude and the deepest thankfulness for each and every one of you (near and far) who have been so graciously kind to us by including us in your prayers and supporting us with endless amounts of kindness. So, again I say, thank you all SO much for your prayers and support!


The Hicksons (sure do love that sweet sound of that)