Lucie Update- Jan 9, 2015

Hey family,

Now that the week is coming to an end, we are realizing how thankful we are for baby steps… even the tiniest of ones.  From every gram of weight she gains, to every mL they add to her feedings, we celebrate and are thankful.  On that note, Lucie is back on her feeds, a small amount (2mL/hr) to keep her digestion functioning and in order.  She is still fighting the infection, but boy is she fighting.  Lol, every nurse that tries to help her, whether it's for blood work, temperature, changing her, or even to clean her, gets a strong stiff arm.  Drea thinks we have the first female Heisman Trophy winner in our midst.  This feistiness shows that she is doing well despite the infection, is getting to be much more stable, and as a bonus, her coloring is starting to get more and more normal too.  She is much pinker, less pale.

Please continue to pray for our sweet Lucie as she has a busy week coming up.  She has her next head sono, another echo for her heart duct, as well as continuing to fight the infection.  We say it every day, but we are so very thankful for such sweet friends and family. We have two friends putting together a website for us to bring all of these emails together into a blog and as a bonus, they are even adding drea's blog to it too!!  They will be adding all of you to the subscription to the Lucie Updates, so you will still see our updates and will get an email notification, they will just be on a website instead of these emails!  Some other friends of ours who's daughter was Lucie-Lyn's neighbor in the NICU for a short season, gave her a beautiful blanket (picture bellow) to go over her isolette… you have no idea how much I fought saying kennel, see!? baby steps! Also, Granddaddy is finally here and got to meet Lucille tonight (picture bellow).  

Yet again so many things to be thankful for. Especially for everyone who has been praying for us throughout this journey.  We are so very thankful for each and every one of you. 

Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Lucie Bear, and Bessy Bear