Lucie Update- Jan 10, 2015

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Miss Lucie Pie (as Drea has been calling her lately) is doing well and getting some well deserved rest.  She slept the entire time we were with her today, and her vitals were on point (pic below of our napping girl).  Lucie's coloring looks great and we have not heard anything yet from the last blood culture they sent in (which is also very good).  We are praying that we don't hear anything until tomorrow at 8PM, by that time the blood culture will have shown that the infection is gone!  The doctor says that if the infection is gone, her vitals continue to stay strong, and her weight continues to go up (went up another 10 grams), then they will not do the heart echo and will wait it out to see if the duct closes on its own again.  Kinda like the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" all though in this case it is "broke" however not really messing things up, so lets see if fixes itself.  She is still expected to have her head sonogram on Monday, but most likely Tuesday morning.  Please continue to pray that the blood in her brain will be resorbed and that everything will resolve.  We are trusting that as we and the doctors all "watchfully wait", that what we will see in the end is God continuing to heal and strengthen our sweet Lucie day by day.

Lucie-Lyn's weekend has been a good one so far and obviously helps us to have a good one as well.  Please keep praying for her infection to go away, for the heart duct to close on it's own, for her brain bleeds to heal, and for her to be able to get fat 'n' happy!  If she continues to grow nice and strong, I imagine we will begin ladder drills and wind sprints come Spring! Also, continue to pray that we can try our best to take things one day at a time.  It's the good days that make it tougher to not want to rush to April when we can bring her home. Thank you all again for your prayers and I hope you all have a safe and restful weekend.


#TeamBALR (pronounced Baller ;)) Uncle Todd came up with this acronym 

#WeLoveLucie #InItToWinIt