Lucie Update- Jan 8, 2015 - 3 Weeks Old

Hey gang,

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'M baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. So, our 3-week old is a very active child, we are starting to think that our niece Addi, (for those who know her), is going to have a run for her money... we'll see!  The night nurse we've had for the past three nights affectionately calls Lucille a wild child :).  Since she is so active, the doctors and nurses have been very encouraged that she is continuing to do well, even with an infection.  Take that!  They think they will start up her feeds again either tonight or tomorrow morning... just in tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime for breakfast :D everyone's favorite meal of the day, right?!... no, just me?  Anyway, she is more stable tonight and her color is starting to come back as she was very pale the night before last.  She is continuing to fight off the infection and they expect it to run its course within 7-10 days, so we will just continue to watchfully wait and pray. Some great news is her head circumference is still the same at 22.5 cm which is awesome because that indicates there is no pressure or swelling in her brain.

Fun fact of the day, Grandma H. got to come see Lucille for the first time. She needed a mask due to flying and allergies (pic below).  Please pray that she would feel better and not have to wear the mask.  Also that Drea and I wouldn't get sick with this crazy arctic weather we're experiencing, so that we will continue to be able to see and touch our Lucie-Lyn.

Drea started working from home today, and will be doing that for the next 2-3 weeks while she continues to heal, which is awesome.  By getting back to work, she was able to "pause" her parental leave so that she can make sure to use that time when Lucie gets home from the Hospital.  We have been so touched by the great team she has surrounding her at JPMC, they've been incredible.

We are praying that Lucie will be able to rest and continue to have a steady night getting re-energized.  We know that we don't even have to ask, just based off of all of your encouraging emails and texts, but please continue to pray for our little family.  Specifically for Lucie's brain bleeds to continue to resolve, that there would be no pressure on her brain, that she would not have any long-term effects, that the infection would heal, and that her heart duct would close on its own :D. We know it's a long list... thank you all for your prayers, they are truly felt and always needed and welcomed!


Rob, Andrea, Lucie, and Bess