Lucie Update- Jan 7, 2015

Hi Friends & Fam,

It's Drea again!

Lucie girl is now considered a 27-weeker (gestational age) and tomorrow will be a whole 3 weeks old :)  It's awesome that we get the sweet gift of being her Mom and Dad, we are so grateful for that privilege.  She's awesome.

After her rough night last night, Lucie was re-intubated.  The good news is that she's more stable now and they can wean her off of her oxygen (which is best for her brain).  Even though she was re-intubated, we're grateful that she was able to have the nasal prongs in for about a week.  The time before that, she had them for about two days, so now she had a greater amount of time to strengthen her lungs more and more.

Since her vitals had not been looking so hot, the Dr's suspected that this could be due to an infection or simply caused by the duct having reopened.  They tested Lucie-Lyn for infection, and preemptively had her on antibiotics.  They just received confirmation that she has a gram-positive cocci bacteria and will continue to treat her for 1-2 weeks with antibiotics.  We're praying that the antibiotics will help quickly.  Once they have confirmed that she no longer has an infection, they may decide to do the ligation procedure to permanently close the duct in Lucille's heart but it is not an emergency, so they will decide once the infection clears up.  With all of this going on, they have stopped her feedings and she is getting all of her nutrition through her PICC line in her leg.  We know she is a strong girl and she is our little fighter, so we know that none of this is going to stop her!!  When we saw her tonight, she was as active as ever, practicing lot's of dance moves in her isolette :)

Her head sono results came in and they show that the brain bleeds have started the process of resolving.  So that is encouraging!!  Thank God!!  Her head circumference will still be measured daily and head sonos will still occur weekly, so they will continue to do their "watchful waiting".

She weighed 820 grams tonight, so she's getting bigger and has officially passed her birth weight.  We're not sure how long they will stop her feedings for, so we know her weight may go down, but we're happy that our little girl is starting to get fat and happy!

Lastly, just hot off the press! Now that it has finally been announced that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had their baby, we can share that they may or may not have had their baby the same week as we had Lucie, in the same Hospital ;) a little fun fact for you celebrity enthusiasts.

That's all for tonight!  We love you guys.  We read every. single. email... even if we can't write back to you all, we appreciate every word.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Drea, Robs, Lucie-Lyn and Bessy!