Sunny June

Wow! June was amazing! We were blessed with a wonderful anniversary trip to Rincon, PR from Tio Gerald.  We spent a few days enjoying the beach, eating, joking around and snorkeling.  Some of the highlights from that part of our trip are below.

 View from our room

View on the way to Rincon.

Enjoying a delicious lunch

Andrea, Tio, Titi, Geraliz

Andrea & Geraliz

Geraliz & Tio

Robby enjoying his cafecito.

Robby, Andrea & Geraliz

Tio Gerald & Titi Michele


Dessert & Cafecito

Our Cottage in Rincon

Our view at night, it was amazing.  Wish we could share the sound of the ocean on here.

Photo excursion adventure.


Andrea & Geraliz at the best Brunch spot in PR

Robby the photographer


After the trip to PR, we all joined up and went to Disney!
Luke, I am your father!

Allo of us getting ready to go on the Pixar ride.


Bus trip through Disney

Andrea, Mom, Eli, Geraliz


Firework show!

Tio & Robby!

Andrea, Geraliz, Robby

Andrea & Sergio

Disney Hollywood Studios

Andrea & Eli

Robby the Goof :)

Andrea, Geraliz, Eli, Mom

Tio & Andrea




Tiosito & Geraliz

Getting ready for the Starwars ride

Jordan & Sergio

Tower of Terror!

Are. You. Ready?


Sea World Aquatica Water Park

Birthday Dinner for all the May & June Birthdays (there were about 4!)

After our wonderful time in Disney, we drove down with Mom and Eli to Miami so we could meet our beautiful niece, Addison Grace! Finally :)

Love at first sight!

Nap time!

Daddy of the Year!

We fit some time in to surprise Eli at her surprise birthday lunch!

She had no clue we'd be there!
Addison's Nursery

Beautiful mommy!

No caption necessary... the best ice cream ever :)

Grandma & Grandpa <3

Cinnamon Rolls!

Cuban Pastries!

Robby & Bob-O
"The Mark Brothers!"

Uncle Robby & Addi

Aunt Dre & Addi

Aunt Dre just loved the strawberry bottom!!

Addi!! We are in love and were so sad to leave Miami.  We can't wait to see you again!  After PR, Disney and Miami, we flew back to NYC.

Our view from the plane getting back into the City.

The weekend after we got back, we went to Shakespeare in the Park.  We waited from 7:30am until they began distributing tickets at 1:00pm.

The wait was not too bad, we had great friends to keep us company.

Ryan & Scott

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Ryan, Jessica and Eleanor Sparzak's farewell by Turtle Pond.

After dinner, we made our way to the play.  Shakespeare's As You Like It.

Shake Shack on Sunday with Anthony & Judy Beltrez

I tried the "Shack"-A-Go Dog.

The following week was Rob's 29th birthday.  Andrea brought Todd into town as his birthday present. They spent almost every day playing basketball in the park and having an awesome time.  Bess found a new best friend too! The only damper was that Robby's phone was stolen during one of their basketball games.
New iPhone
Todd and Rob folding laundry

 We had a Birthday Bash at The Stumble Inn, and it was a really great turn out.
Erin & Lauren

Carlos, Freddie & Todd

Nick & Yanessa

The Birthday Boy! (and Birthday Girl - a little early)

Todd, Rob & Bess... waiting in line for Mister Softee's!

Can't believe we did all that in one month, it was such a great kick-off to the summer.