May Flowers...

June is already shaping up to be amazing! We are Aunt and Uncle to Addison Grace! Mark & Crystal welcomed their bundle of joy on June 1st at 3:01pm!!  We want to share what happened during the Month of May! It was filled with blessings and celebrations...  Our 5 year anniversary was on May 6th and we celebrated the entire weekend.  We started Saturday morning enjoying coffee and Nutella filled Croissants!!

Drea surprised Robby by taking him on a Photo Safari in Greenwhich Village. Enjoy some shots we both took, some from the DSLR, some from the iphone, which turned out pretty great, surprisingly!  It seemed like it would be a drizzly, cloudy day, but thankfully it didn't rain, and the overcast actually made a lot of the pictures colors brighter. (Especially the flowers).

 The Huxtable residence


 The outside shot of Monica's Apartment building on Friends.

 Pictures from a garden of a church :)

 This is one of Drea's favorite pictures from the day.


 We saw this restaurant on the way to the last stop of the Photo Safari.  We could hear the Live Jazz from across the street, and knew that would be where we'd go for a celebratory brunch.  Sitting right next to us was a couple celebrating their anniversary as well!

Took a walk after Brunch, and caught a foggy shot of the Empire State Building.

Got up really early on Sunday and went to see the Sunrise, it was still a little cloudy though.

 Rob took Drea to see Porgy and Bess, what an amazing show!!

The following weekend, we served dinner at the Ronald McDonald House!

Making Mother's day gifts for the mom's in the house.

 The next weekend, we had brunch with Pity and Diana in City Island.

Peonies are Drea's favorite flower. Rob surprised her twice with them.  What an awesome hubby!! They're only in season in May...

 More Peonies!!

  We dog-sat Bella, for the weekend as well.  Bess was so excited to have a buddy to play with.

 Memorial Day Weekend, Sara Jonas came up to visit, and Drea met up with her for brunch :)  Surprise guests were Victoria and Phineas!!

 Meanwhile, Rob was helping our friend Carlos photograph a wedding.  What amazing views!

Drea had dinner with Maggie, Jonathan and Ryan that night at Tiramisu... not exactly the same amazing view as Rob! Look at the frame on the wall! LOL

While we were at church the next morning, our friends Zach & Laura Nielsen had their baby, Leo Thomas!  So precious!

We spent Memorial Day at a Farmer's Market, and getting Brunch with Drea's coworker Sharon, and her boyfriend Dan.

 The entrance to the Coffee Shop Diner.

Last photo from May, Manhattanhenge, getting to see the sunset align with the city grid.  We have lot's in store for June, can't wait to share with you.  God Bless!