Last month walking up 5 flights

We started out the month with several times hanging out with our friends Judy, Anthony and The Ethan (their 6 month old son). We were also able to celebrate the 4th of July with friends from our community group at a spacious apartment balcony.

 Andrew, Ruthie and Parker, Maggie, Jonathan and Kelly

Swing batter, batter, batter! Jonathan playing pool.

Later that wekk Rob and I enjoyed an evening picnic at Carl Shurz park up the block from our apartment.

July was a month of many birthdays!  The next week we enjoyed Cake Pops to celebrate Jonathan's birthday at the Great Lawn in Central Park.  And then for Drea's birthday we enjoyed a relaxing day having brunch, then hanging out at Carl Shurz Park, followed by a great dinner at Spice with Judy, Anthony and The Ethan.

 After dinner we went to Ricky Kohly's apartment for a roof top party.  He forgot to tell us it was black and white themed, but it was a blast!

After church, the next morning we stopped by our favorite local restaurant, Blockheads and Luz surprised Drea with cupcakes from Crumbs!!

 We joined Drea's coworkers in Hoboken for dinner and walked by this bakery... look familiar? It's Carlos's bakery from the TLC channel.

Drea with the ladies at a brunch hosted by Kelly.  Meanwhile the guys were having their Fantasy Football Draft party... sorry no pix, top secret!

So basically, July was filled with lot's of friends and lot's of food.  Above are some delicious cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens bakery.  Below is Drea enjoying the flavor of the day at Shake Shack (sweet corn ice cream - sounds weird but it's so good!)

We went to Blockheads one last time as UES residents (but not the last time ever, that's for sure!) We had a really fun dinner with friends, Nick & Yanessa Bowser.

Last Sunday after church we went for Pizza and then Shake Shack with Judy, Anthony & The Ethan.

 Meanwhile, we packed and packed and packed up our cozy apartment at East End Ave.  There wasn't much room to walk around as the boxed kept piling up.

On Tuesday we moved out and made our way to New Rochelle.

Here's a pic of us in our apartment after everything has been moved out.

Here's us moving in to New Rochelle.  We love the apartment! Look at all the space there is to walk around, even with all the boxes.  It is a major adjustment to the hustle and bustle of the city, which we both miss, but all in all it is great! Thank you God for providing (and for helping us get through the stress of moving)!

The day after moving in, Rob started football camp (24/7 football) so Drea gets to do most of the unpacking, which is fine because it's fun to decorate =)  Even better, when Rob leaves the campus at 10:30pm after a long day of practices and meetings, he's home at 10:35!  Thank God for not having an hour and a half commute anymore, and for Rob not having to sleep at the school! Yay!!  When are you coming to visit us in New Rochelle?  Come see us soon!