April in the Big Apple :)

We promised pictures from The Counter.  The Menu was daunting, sooo many choices to customize a burger, but it was delicious!  April was busy, busy, filled with game nights, baby showers and even a wedding.  Enjoy some pictures below. 

Celebrated Easter enjoying the gorgeous tulips on Park Avenue, then went to church.  We had a Pot Luck dinner with with our Community group and learned a new game called Killer Bunnies!

Game night at the Hickson's playing Killer Bunnies :)

 Another game night at the Future Brauns, Erin made amazing cupcakes!

Rob got to check attending the 1st Round of the NFL Draft off of his bucket list.

We enjoyed getting dinner and dancing with our NYC/Miami Familia.

We went to a beautiful wedding for one of Rob's coworkers.

Bess got spoiled with some tender loving care and grooming!