Spring is in the air

March has been a busy month! We started out the month with Rob having a few weeks of Spring Football and Andrea having to go to Houston for training for work. We left Bess at the apartment with Uncle Carlos who took great care of her and our humble abode. He even left us some Coronas! So thoughtful!

While Andrea was at training in Houston, she was able to have lunch with her Dad every day, which was a treat. She also got to go to the Rodeo with coworkers one evening, which was a lot of fun!

 Andrea and Jackie (from work) trying to sneak a picture wearing cowboy hats.

A concert at the Rodeo, performed by Blake Shelton!

Andrea and Jackie playing pool. Look at the size of that Texas pint! (Only $3!)

While Andrea was away, Rob went to the end of the year Banquet for football and he was awarded "Assistant Coach of the Year" by the players on the team!

The week Andrea got back, we had a game night with Nate and Lauren (friends from church and our community group leaders). They were so loving to Bess who just wanted to jump all over them!

The overpass to the running path by the river finally opened back up after being reconstructed, so we have taken advantage of the weather and taken Bess for some walks that way. (a little random... but we wanted to share.)

One lovely evening, we went to Cilantro (a mexican restaurant) with friends from church and then walked through Central Park at night to go ice skating.

 The Met

 Maggie, Jonathan, Ryan, Drea, Robby

The Bethesda Terrace, between Bethesda Fountain and The Mall. 

A view of The Mall through one of the many benches that lines it. 

 The Mall

Wollman Skating Rink 

 Unfortunately, as we got to the skating rink, they were closing an hour earlier than the website said they would be! So... we walked to Serendipity and enjoyed a late night dessert!

Continuing with the dessert theme, we went to Sixteen Handles (a frozen yogurt shop) with our community group. We were one of the first to arrive, so we were saving seats!

About two weeks ago, the trees started to bloom for Spring! This picture is along Park Avenue near Drea's office.

This was on the way to church one morning (using Hipstamatic photo app on the phone)

Another random shot, this is a stunning red door from a church that we always say we want a picture of.

Bess has been enjoying the warmer weather too. The sun streams into the kitchen warming up the tiles and so Bess loves to take a nap right there.

Two Sundays ago we went to Brunch with Carlos, Ashley, Vane and Brandon at the Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn!

Yesterday, Rob enjoyed the clear skies and went on a photo adventure. Here are some shots from the Union Square area.

Tonight we are going to Time Square to have dinner at The Counter. We'll pick up here next post and share some pictures.

We'll be in touch! Hope to hear from you soon! R&A