Lucie Update- Feb 2, 2015

Hey Friends, 

Just another fun and boring night in the NICU with our Lucie.  We've been taking turns every other day holding Lucille so that we don't move her around too much and so each of us gets really good quality time with her.  It was Dad's turn to hold her today. He got a sweet shirt to wear during Kangaroo Care time from some friends at church.  It keeps Lucie snug and Rob said it's awesome not wearing the hospital gown :) yay!

We're grateful that things have been going so steadily recently.  We just pray that she continues to hit the goals that the medical team is charting out for her  (like gaining weight and weaning ventilator settings).  The one thing that is constantly on our hearts and in our prayers is that her brain bleeds would resolve and have absolutely no long term effects. They continue to measure her head circumference daily, she's at 26cm now and growing at a healthy pace.  Her next head sono will most likely be Wednesday, and they will continue to keep track weekly.

Seeing changes in her every day has been amazing!  Her hair growing, her belly getting bigger... She has calves and little butt cheeks!! It's all such an encouragement... Every itty bitty change is a huge praise.  Having the privilege of getting to be her mom and dad has to be the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Have a good night friends, we love you and are thankful for you!  God Bless!


Andy, Robby, Lucie Pie & Bessy

PS: Tomorrow will be a long day for us so we most likely won't get the chance to post an update, just so you know and don't worry :)