Lucie Update- Feb 4, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!  Lucie sure is!  She's considered a 31-weeker today. After several days of not really gaining weight, when we went to see her last night we were told that she went up 80 grams to 1300!  Tonight, she went up 20 more grams and is a "hefty" 1320 grams or 2 pounds 14.5 ounces.  We also learned that since the doctors have been encouraged by how Lucie's brain bleeds have been resolving, they will now do the head sonos every two weeks instead of weekly, so her next one will be next week instead of today like we originally thought.

When we went to see Lucille tonight, we got to do all of her "cares"! Drea got to take her temperature, I helped to weigh her, we changed her and BATH TIME!!!! TA-DAAAA!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to give her a bath for the first time !... oh yea, there's definitely a picture or two below! She was so stinkin' cute.

Her head was measured again and her head circumference is 26.5cm, continuing to grow at a steady pace. As for the rest of Lucie-Lyn's vitals, they are amazing as well. Her feedings have gone up another 0.5 mL so she is now taking up to 10 mL per hour total! #Doesn'tSayNoToSecondServings :D. Her breathing is wonderful and today she only had one "dsat" (drop of oxygen levels in her blood stream) from 7am-2pm #NoBig #ActuallyAWESOME! We are beyond words!

Today I posted a picture to Instagram and we are just so in awe of God's marvelous works and grace he has shown to us and Lucie. She is such a precious miracle. A HUGE blessing in disguise is that we get to watch her grow right in front of us. I added the picture below as I know not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you all for your prayers and support in this time. I hope you are as encouraged as we are by Lucie's growth. It is so amazing to see. Please continue to pray for her brain bleeds, that they would resolve and have no long term effects.  Please also pray that she would continue to tolerate her feeds especially as they increase them and that her breathing would continue to improve. We are so thankful for her progress and your prayers.


Los Hickson #WeLoveLucie



Bath time tonight! 


Can't you tell she loves it?


Bath time


2 days old and then 48 days old


Kangaroo Care with Drea last night! She's sucking a paci.