Lucie Update- Jan 3, 2015

Hi everyone!

Today was a great day for my heart! I got the best surprise when I was told that I could hold my little girl for the first time (duh! of course pictures are below)! The hour went by in a minute, but she behaved so well that I was able to have the hour maximum of her being out of the isolette (aka - kennel). It was unreal as she grabbed my finger and seemed to just press it into her cheek, man, am I in trouble. I have already prepared Drea for the day when Lucie-Lyn starts asking for things, my answer is going to be "ask your mother", when it's a "no" ;). I plan to start boobytrapping the apartment tomorrow to keep out the boys. All ideas are welcomed!

Her feeds have gone up again which is great news and she is tolerating and digesting them very well. She has been steadily putting on weight and will probably be back up to her birthweight within the next week. Her vitals are going strong, as you could probably tell by my being able to hold her for an hour today... did I tell you how awesome it was?.. so, I got to hold Lucie-Lyn today, A-MAZING... ok, ok, you're right, I'll have plenty of time to bore you with Lucie cuteness facts. Moving on, she was free from feeding for about 2 hours as her tube was changed today so they removed it and gave her a "paci" to practice sucking, YUP adorable.

Day four of the nasal prongs, it's hard to believe it's been four days, since last time it was two days, but I guess that's a good sign that we are taking it a day at a time.  We know she could be re-intubated at any time, but as they have told us, they are just wanting to function as a support to her and will go as far as she allows.  So if she continues to do well with the nasal prongs, they will not be rushing to re-intubate.

Her head circumference was measured and hasn't changed since she was born which is encouraging as it indicates no signs of pressure on her brain. SUCH. AN ANSWER. TO PRAYER. Please continue to pray for her brain bleeds and also that we would be able to stay in the day-to-day mentality. 

Lastly, we got an extremely thoughtful gift in the mail today.  We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in helping to create the beautiful book with signs of love and prayers for Lucie.  Another huge thank you to my sister, Crystal for putting it all together.  We were floored... there were hundreds of people who sent pictures in.  We can't wait to show Lucille!!  #WeLoveLucie!

With love,

The Hickson's