Lucie Update- Jan 2, 2015

Hi Family,

Today was a good day. Lucille is looking better and better every day, and is very stable. Her blood was a little low so they gave her another blood transfusion (which is normal). She still has her nostril prongs in and is of course stubbornly trying to pull them out... our lil Miss Independent at work yet again. 

It turns out that Lucille has a lot of fans and supporters (sponsors I'd like to call them ;)) in the NICU, her doctors and nurses are all in her corner... she even has autograph sessions from 3:15pm-4:15pm everyday, who knew?! We got to speak with some more of the doctors and nurses in the NICU in regards to the grade three and four bleeds in Lucie's brain and they were very comforting.  They will be doing follow up head sonos about once a week until the bleeding goes down, rather than every 2-4 weeks, like we had initially thought.  They will also be measuring her head everyday to make sure she doesn't have pressure building up. This was very encouraging to know just how closely they will be watching her.  As one of the nurses put it, they are doing "watchful waiting". Please continue to pray for Lucie-Lyn's brain development and that the blood that they found would be absorbed by her brain naturally without long term effects. 

On another exciting note, our friends and NICU neighbors (who had their baby girl at 33 weeks) were able to bring their daughter home a bit earlier than expected, as in TONIGHT!!!! Prayers for them as they take off the "parenting training wheels". 

We are so very thankful and grateful for everyone's prayers and support. 


RALB... really thought that'd sound cooler :D #TeamRALB, NOPE adding a hashtag in front does NOT help at all. Oh well, I'll just have to work on it ;).

PS - check out the fun pic from today.  You may be wondering what that head wrap is all about... oh, it's just to keep Lucie's mouth closed, because she sleeps just like me and doesn't ever close her mouth... ;)