Lucie Update- Dec 25, 2014 - One Week Old

Dear Fam,

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy 1 Week birthday to Lucie!!

Even though we haven't had the chance to respond to each of you, your prayers and encouraging emails have been so appreciated by us. They help us get through the days and keep our eyes on the Lord as we push through this.  Please continue to pray for our sweet "Lucie-Lyn".  We're just going to give a quick update today, but before we do, we decided to switch it up and take the time to tell you the meaning of Lucie's name (for those of you that didn't look it up already), and why we chose it. 

Lucille - meaning: "Light". Phew! That was easy. We spun off of Andrea's Grandmother and sister's middle names, "Luz".  We have definitely seen that Lucille is already a true light, she has touched so many lives during her seven precious days on earth and we hope this continues throughout her life :D. 

Carolyn - meaning: "Joy and Song of Happiness".  We spun off of my Aunt Carol's name.  She was one of the most joyful, cheerful people I have ever known and she loved life and others well. We look forward to seeing this in sweet Lucille too :D. 

As for the quick update, things are still pretty stable and have not changed much from yesterday for Lucille. Please pray for her to get some rest and be able to recover her energy quickly.  The doctors will be drawing some blood to rule out infection which is routine, please pray they find NO infections! 

Again, we want to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and wish we could be with each one of you to celebrate it.

Love always,

Rob, Drea, Lucie-Lyn, and Bessy-Bear