Lucie Update- Dec 24, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

I want to share this verse that has been on our hearts through this entire process. Jeremiah 29 :11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares The Lord. Plans to prosper you and NOT TO HARM YOU, plans to give you hope and a future." My father reminded me of this verse this morning and it has been resounding in my heart throughout the day. I guess God was prepping me for this afternoon. 

I'll get right down to it; Lucille had a tough day. The doctor's say she's going to need another blood transfusion, since she's on medicine to close the duct.  In addition to that, she started to throw up her milk (so they've stopped her food).  Her heart murmur hasn't closed yet so she has started round three of three of her medicine.  For as long as she's on it, she will not receive milk to not upset her stomach.  The doctor's are thinking it's not likely at this point to close and we should expect the next procedure. Her PICC line is doing well, that was put in place to remove the IV's, however the medicine she's on must still be given through an IV so she does have one for that which they placed in her forehead because her tiny veins in her arms were too bruised.  Please continue to pray for our sweet little girl. Those five excellent days in a row caused me to let my guard down. I felt absolutely crushed by all this today.  Drea and I have been a good support system for one another; yesterday was very difficult for her, and now it's my turn.  I am grateful that we have each been able to encourage one another as we process everything that is going on.

With all that being said, our little fighter still insists upon continuing to breathe on her own. Lucie-Lyn is still going strong with the nasal prongs. She had her stomach scanned since she threw up today and all her insides look great, in fact the doctor said they look "impeccable", so there is no stomach infection which is GREAT news. The nurse said that everything our little Lu is going through is normal for a 25-weeker, (they graduated her to 25-weeker today) and that even with all of this today, she is still very encouraged with how she's doing.

In other news, friends of ours gave birth to their daughter yesterday, and she was also on the early side, so sweet Lucie will have a roomie for the next one to two weeks or so :). A big congratulations to them! Please join us in praying for their precious gift as well! She is 33 weeks and a strong, feisty lil' girl like our Lu.

We're praying tonight that...

  • Lucie's murmur would close ON. IT'S. OWN!
    • So that they can stop giving her the medicine
    • So they can start feeding her again
  • For her veins to heal
  • WE would have strength to endure this road ahead of us, it seems like it will be a long one, and it is overwhelming and exhausting
  • We would keep our eyes on the Lord and rest in His good will
  • Her head scan coming up in the next few days
  • Lucie would have a great night and morning
  • Lucille would have a Very Merry Christmas :D

We thank God that...

  • Lucie is still breathing on her own through the nasal prongs
  • There was no stomach infection and that her intestines are "impeccable"
  • Getting to see Lucie's precious eye when we visit (still funny to use the singular version of that)
  • That we got to spend more time touching her, she held our fingers again, played footsie with our hands and wiggled her toes for us
  • For six days of getting to have Lucille in our lives and being blessed to be her parents


From our family to yours, we would like to wish you all a Feliz Noche Buena (after all, we are from Miami)!!  We love you all and cannot thank you enough for your support and prayers during this trying time. We can never express or repay you, but know we will try, being the "stubborn" selves that we are ;).

God bless you all. We love you.


The Hicksons! (I just love getting to say that now :D)

PS - We didn't take any photos today because she was back under the lights with her shades on of course... they would just show up as a blue glow for the most part, but TRUST US, she's still super adorable!