Lucie Update- Dec 20, 2014

HO-LY Smokes! The touch of a child is great but to feel your OWN child for the first time is just wow. I can't wait to hold her, Drea and I already have such a crush and are madly in love with our Little Lu! 

So, as you may have guessed she is doing great and yes, we got to touch her today! Can't stop smiling and we will never forget this feeling. Remember at the end of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" when his heart grows… yea, something like that. Unreal. 

Coming back down to earth. Lucille has had another great day! Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. They have lowered her breathing percentage which basically means she's crushing it! All her vitals are great and she even does a little jig in her spare time! They have her on electrolytes (aka Gatorade) and she is a little ahead of schedule and is taking mommy's milk AL-READY! Have I mentioned how she's a "champ" yet? Becaaaauuuse, she's crushing it. "Training Camp" is going really well and she's is continuing to make great progress. They still have her on a tube but we don't mind not rushing it. Baby steps, am I right? 

Your prayer, like I have already said, has been felt by us so much it's incredible. God is so good and we can just see how has Lucille in his hands. Pray for Lucie-Lyn as she does still have a little heart murmur and that it would close on its own. This is common in babies born early, even full term babies. We just pray that it would close on its own and that the doctors wouldn't have to take extra steps in closing it. Also, please continue to pray for her continued "baby steps"/progress. The doctors have mentioned the first three days are considered a "honeymoon" phase as after three days the baby's show their "true colors" and can have set backs. I kinda chuckled to myself at this because I, biasedly, as a dad (still crazy to say), feel she has already come out of the gates swinging and shown her true colors and will only continue to blow these doctors and their science away. Please pray for continued strength for Lucille as she still (and we know) has a long road ahead of her. She is such a firecracker and I can't wait to have you all meet her and see this little joy you've been ferociously praying for. Thank you thank you thank you. We can never repay you all for the love, support and care you have shown. We haven't been able to read a single reply without being brought to tears or choking up. 

We love you all so much. Here are some photos from our first time being able to touch our Little Lu. 

Mom and Dad