Lucie Update- Dec 21, 2014

All is calm, all is bright with our little Christmas Carolyn (see what I did there?). 

Literally bright though becaaaaause she is back under the light, with her shades on, to continue to help her skin strengthen. They have started Lucie on "Indomethocin" to help the duct in her heart, causing the murmur, to close on its own. Ironically this is what Drea was taking to stop contractions, but she couldn't take too much because while baby is inside you want that open. OUTsiiiide, ah no no no, that ducts gotta close! So pray that the medicine helps to close the duct so her murmur goes away. 

Other than that we got to speak with both doctors that were in the delivery room. Lucie-Lyn's doc loves her so much and is in her corner, it's amazing! Drea's doctor too has been perfect for Drea and taking such good care of her and communicates everything in clear details. Both my gals are doing wonderfully. We even got to touch Lucille again today, which was so sweet.  Mama Bear was even able to walk all the way there and back to see Lucie, rather then be taken in a wheel chair.

Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for both. Oh, and our prayers have been answered in regards to the nursing staff communicating better with us. We have loved the staff up on the eighth floor and have gotten to know them all. They have all been commenting on how calm, and positive we have been in this. We can't help but point them to God's amazing peace and sovereignty over us. Not by our strength but His, amen? PLUUUUUUS we couldn't do this without y'all's prayers and support, it has been unbelievable. We are so grateful, we honestly can't say that enough!

We love you ALL! 


The Hicksons (that "s" has a whole new sweet ring to it)

P.S. Drea and others have been saying Lucille sleeps like me. I didn't believe it until last night when I moved my leg up (like she does) and then saw her put her hand behind her head today. SO, I just had to capture it :D.