Lucie Update- Dec 18, 2014

Good Evening Family,

Today has been a looooonng day. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Lucille is doing great inside the NICU and we feel like we can already see her getting some color. She is on a machine to help her breathe, but is doing it herself more than half of the time. Little Miss Independent :D. We wanted to share this picture with you and that little update. I am sure we will have more of any update every day. 


1. Little wins every day! "Baby Steps"

2. To stay positive and O-M-G WE'RE PARENTS!

3. To know what questions to ask when we have time with the doctors. Everything is new to us, not just being new parents, but we didn't get to study up/take the hospital tour and open house that is offered. Things that would have been familiar to first time parents is all unfamiliar to us. 

4. Continued prayers to feel the Lord's presence and peace, even in the midsts of this very crazy time. 

Thank you all again for your love and support.

We love you so much!

Rob, Drea, Lucille and Big Puppy Sister Bess :D