Lucie Update- Jan 29, 2015 - 6 Weeks Old

Hello, Hello!

It's Robby and Drea again, another TWO PARENT THURs..ugh guess it doesn't work quite the same with Thursday.  Anyway, as you can tell from the title of this post, our Lucie Pie is 6 WEEKS OLD today.  HOORAY!

We thought this would be another "boring" update today, because when we called the NICU earlier in the day, we learned that Lucie's feedings were increased, and her vitals were on point.  When we arrived at the NICU this evening however, just after we took off our coats at the front door, we were greeted with an excited shout: "Mommy and Daddy Hickson!"  One of Lucie's favorite Nurse Practitioners, who has been in her corner from day one, waited over an hour past her shift, so that she could tell us in person, that LUCIE GRADUATED TODAY!!  She is hangin' with the "big" kids now, having been moved out of the critical area of the NICU.  She is doing great!  Thank you Lord!

We are so overwhelmed with gratefulness for this news, and so encouraged.  To us, it seemed like this day wouldn't come anytime soon.  We look forward to when she really graduates and comes home with us too!  Below is a picture of our chunky monkey from tonight.  Thank you as always for all of your prayers and support.

Just before we got the good news about Lucie, we bumped into Matteo's parents and shared with them that we have asked all of you to pray for him and for them.  They were so grateful to know this.  Thank you all!


Isn't she so fancy?  Pinkies up!