Lucie Update - Jan 28

Hey Gang, 

So blessed that today Lucille is 30 weeks gestation and to tomorrow she will be six weeks old! I can't believe it! We got the results from the head sono back and it looks like the clot is continuing to liquify, which is fantastic. The ventricals have remained the same from the last head sono, but it's very reassuring that the amount of time it takes for the blood to reabsorb and the ventricles to retract does not negatively impact Lucie. As long as they aren't getting worse and continue to make progress or stay the same, it is considered a good sign.  

As for Lucie's vitals, they continue to remain stable. We can tell her lungs are developing because we can hear her cry getting louder. It's soooooooo cute, for now ;).

Thank you all for keeping my family in your prayers. Just a heads up our NICU friend's baby's surgery got moved to Friday morning, it's much more invasive than Lucie's was.  When you pray for us, would you please pray for them too?  Thank you all so much for being in our corner. We love you all. 


Rob, Andrea, Lucille and Bess

The many faces of Lucie-Lyn... 


Crying because she's tired


Yawning because she's tired


Smiling because she's sleeping.  All of these expressions were captured in a time span of like 60 seconds!