Lucie Update- Jan 27, 2015

Hi Gang!

It's Rob here... AND Drea! What WHAAAAAAAT Two-Parent Tuesday is in full effect! Boom baby! Winter Storm Juno came and went.  Thankfully it was not as drastic in NYC as had been expected, so it did not interfere with us getting to see our Lucie Pie.  Not that anything could stop us from seeing her!  On that note, Lucie is doing well and we had a lot of fun on our visit today because she's starting to be awake for longer stretches of time. As you can see in the photo below, Lucie's big beautiful eyes are just as open as can be and she's wide awake checking everything out!

Lucille's vitals are all pretty much the same if not a notch or two better than yesterday. She is tolerating her feeds and the goal is to get her "fat and happy"... not that she isn't happy already, that's just how the saying goes ;). SO, thank God for another boring update for ya :D. We found out that her next head sono will be tomorrow, so as always, we are praying that the brain bleeds would be resolved.  We were encouraged when we spoke with Lucie's nurse, who shared with us that a lot of preemies in Lucie's exact same situation are still intubated at this point and not able to tolerate feeds.  Although they can't say for sure, all of Lucie's vitals and ventilation settings appear to indicate that she will most likely not have to be re-intubated going forward, and will just keep making progress on the nasal prongs and beyond.  Please pray that her lungs continue getting bigger and stronger so that that will be the case.  They also shared that she's been digesting well, having lot's of diaper changes, and continuing to have full nourishment without needing the IV's.  So after this conversation with the nurse, it just helped us to see even more how miraculous it is that Lucille is doing as well as she is.  Thank God!!   

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support. We can never express enough how we wouldn't be able to get through this without the Lord strengthening us and without all of your prayers and support. 

Love Always,

Los Hicksons