Frozen, but lovin' it

Okay, maybe not LOVIN' IT, but we have definitely been enjoying ourselves.  In the past month and a half we have found many ways to enjoy the great indoors (and out).  An ongoing theme has been spending time with friends and having delicious food!  I must confess though I am hoping that this long lasting winter will bring about a vibrant and beautiful Spring.  
Early in Feb we had a snow day and although we did have some fun roaming around in New Rochelle taking pics, the Metro North was down so, sadly we missed out on being able to participate in the Ronald McDonald House dinner.

View of the Long Island Sound from the top of our building.

It didn't take long for the snow to melt away, and the trains were back up and running in no time.
Flatiron Building, Manhattan
Robby, Scott, Katie and I spent Presidents day at Eataly.  Eataly is a market in Manhattan that sells Italian food, and throughout the market there are specialty restaurants where you can eat.  Before we decided on which restaurant to have lunch at, we went enjoyed a glass of wine and browsed all around the market.  

We decided to eat at the pasta restaurant, and ordered family style, so we shared everything.
I would highly recommend going!  After this delicious meal, we made our way back through the market and had espresso and gelato.

After a long work week we had an impromptu meet up with our extremely talented friend Carlos.

With all of our back and forth travels to and from the City for work and during the weekends, we have come to really admire the Grand Central Terminal.  I think it is one of my favorite buildings in Manhattan.  This year is Grand Central is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and they are hosting exhibits all year long.  There is a small exhibit in Vanderbilt Hall as you make your way in the the Grand Hall.
One of the many highlights back home is when Donna hosts Cookie Night.  I really wanted to share this experience with our friends up in NY, so we planned a Cookie Night up here.  We invited our friends over to our apartment and everyone brought cookies to share.  There were sea-Salt Nutella stuffed sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cookies from Insomnia Cookies, and even peanut-butter-chocolate- chip-bacon Cookies (made by Scott)!
Vane, me and Jessa
Scott, Brandon, our neighbor Barry, Rich, Robby
The following week, Robby was able to work at the NY/NJ Regional Combine for the weekend. And then without much planning on our part, we were blessed with a great weekend getaway to Virginia.  We got to spend time with our church family from back in Miami and see Crystal, Mark and Addi too!
Bess loved roaming around the Ranch.
Waiting for everyone to arrive after we made the 7 hour drive down.
Mark and Addi!

Addi and Uncle Robby
Me and Crystal
Sweet, happy, Addi!
Robby, Josh, me, Lisel, David and Bess!
Addi and Uncle Robby making funny faces.
Addi and I have the same feeling about snow, it's fun for just a little while, then I'm ready to move on!  As much as we love NY, this time away from the hustle and bustle was so refreshing.  Thank you Granada College Group for letting us crash the first day of Break Away, it meant so much to us!  Our church in NYC, Apostles, had a Men's Retreat the following week, and although Robby was under the weather, the view made up for it some.  I am looking forward to going in April for the Women's Retreat.
That Saturday after doing plenty of errands, I went and got my hair done and then had a night out on the town with the ladies.

Me, Amy, Katie, Jessa and Maggie.  Deb met up with us too.
The next weekend we went had an epic evening at Mole and Game Night with the great Scatie (Scott + Katie) and Brerin (Brett + Erin)
Throughout the month of March I also had the really fun experience of getting to prep for Easter by being in the Easter Choir at church!  I haven't been in a Choir since 5th grade, so I was a bit rusty but it I eventually got the hang of it though.  
Choir Rehearsal for Easter Service. I'm kinda bummed it's already over, I really had a blast!

Just wanted to share a quick prayer request from us too.  Robby's contract at the NFL will be ending at the start of May.  We are filled with hope and faith that God has a full-time job opportunity ready for Robby.  Please pray that we would know soon what that job will be!  
Thanks!  How can we be praying for you?