Winter Wonderland: Miami & NYC (Dec-Jan)

Wow, can't believe over a month ago, we were in Sunny South Florida for Christmas and New Year's. It was so refreshing getting to spend time with our families!  Believe it or not, we took over THIRTEEN HUNDRED... that's 1-3-0-0 pictures!  I have a few here, and posted about 100 on to FaceBook.  We were able to spend the first week in Broward with my mom, and then the second week in Miami with B&D!!  We cherished every minute of our time while we were there and took advantage  of hanging out with our families and friends as much as possible!

This first picture is of me, Eli and my two cousins Stephan and Andrew.  We're a silly bunch!  We had dinner at a Cuban restaurant to get that Miami cuisine that we so often crave up here in NY.  Don't get me wrong, there are tons of restaurants up here with delicious food, but there is just something about a Cuban meal! Yum, yum, yum!

Our first weekend in Florida, The Winters from our old home church Granada Presbyterian hosted a Pot Luck Christmas Dinner.  We took the whole crew (Mom, Eli and Grandpa) down so that we could surprise B&D and get some bonus Crystal, Mark and Addi time!

Christmas day was extra special and filled with family time.  We opened presents at my mom's then headed down to Miami where Donna hosted a French Toast Brunch!  After opening presents, Mark gave us the best gift ever.  Nerf guns!  Donna got the biggest gun of all!  Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Phillips' for Dinner.  

Throughout our trip we got to spend time with some of our best friends.  Marty and Jen treated us to a great breakfast and we got to play with Katie and Hannah!

Later Matt and Jess hosted us for dinner and we got to love on sweet baby Madison!

We also got to meet up with Mr. Billy Browning himself at Cracker Barrel, along with Robby's bestie Todd, and my favorite Travis Boy, Matt.

Dinner with Sharonsita, Seymour, my mom and sis! Can't believe it had been two years since we had seen them!!

Cookie Night at Donna's!  Had to try at least one of each, but Chocolate Chip has to be my all time favorite.  Robby's favorite is... well, all of them really. LOL!

We brought in the New Year at Crystal & Mark's.  Happy 2013 everyone!

Honestly, most of our memorable moments on this trip also centered around food.  One such time was when Mark treated  us to a phenomenal Chicago Style pizza.  So full of flavor!

Although it was extremely difficult to head back to NY after such an incredible trip, we were happy to spend dinner at Blockheads being served by Luz for the last time!  Joaquin the bartender also joined in on the picture.

Shortly after heading down to Florida, Megan, Chris and Sophia made their long-awaited trip North and we got to spend a Saturday enjoying Mid-Town with them.  We went to Sarabeth's for Brunch, then spent the afternoon in the Central Park Zoo! 

Now that we are settling back, we have really been attempting to make the most of NY by venturing to see and do things that we haven't done before.  It seems as though every time we check something off the NY Bucket List, we add about 5 more things to it, but we are getting there!