5 Boroughs, ONE DAY

Some friends of ours here in NYC mentioned that they had the goal to see all 5 Boroughs (Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens) all in one day. We thought that would be a lot of fun, so in July, we also attempted the One-Day Adventure.

1st Stop: Breakfast in Manhattan

               The place we originally planned to go to was closed, so we went to this Restaurant and had blueberry pancakes!

2nd Stop: Snack @ Italian Bakery in the Bronx

                We arrived to Conti’s Bakery and had delicious lattes and canollis

3rd Stop: Lunch in Staten Island

                We took the Ferry to Staten Island and ate at the Cargo Café (more of a bar scene – but it was very good) We had appetizers and beer, because we were still full from the bakery :)

4th Stop: Ice Cream in Queens

              We walked around Flushing Meadows/ Corona Park. This is where the last scenes of MIB were filmed with the big globe fountain. And we had the best Ice Cream in NYC... 

5th Stop: Dinner in Brooklyn

                We had dinner on the rooftop of a restaurant on 4 Berry Street in Williamsburg. There was a great sunset, and we had great views of Midtown Manhattan.

6th Stop: Walked the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan

                We loved getting to walk across the bridge, seeing the city all lit up, it was beautiful!!

7th Stop: HOME!

                It was a long day, but a great adventure. We loved it so much that we are planning to do it again, and visit all new places. We'll keep you posted.