Philly Trip


We finally got to take our trip that was scheduled for and canceled in December just this last weekend to celebrate our anniversary!!!! We had such an amazing time :D the weather in Philly was gorgeous! We were able to walk, for the most part, to all the places we wanted to go (We've had extensive NY training ;)).

We went to... (takes deep breath) the Constitutional Building, the U.S. Mint Building (they were closed :(), Independence Hall, the Liberty Building (where the Liberty Bell is), the First Bank of the United States, the Revolutionary War Tomb of the Forgotten Soldier, Love Park, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the first meeting house, Penn's Landing, City Hall aaaaannnnnd saw the Ben Franklin National Science Museum! PHEW, hope I didn't forget any.

We were able to take a lot of great pictures that most of you may have already seen on Robby's Facebook account. Here are some more that he did that he made into panoramic pictures or HDR!!

(View of the Art Museum turned panoramic)

(Robby standing at the top of the "Rocky Steps in front of the Art Museum, great view of Downtown
Robby & Drea at Penn's Landing. . . both turned HDR)

(City Hall... turned panoramic)

(Sonny's where we enjoyed a traditional Philly Cheese Steak)

(Tomb of the Forgotten Soldier)

(Love Park)

The pictures are just a taste, you really need to go see for yourselves if you haven't :D. As you can tell we had an absolute wonderful time and are looking forward to our next trip :D. . . BACK TO MIAMI!
See you all later!

Robs & Drea