Lucie Update- Feb 7, 2015

Helloooooo friends!

Our sweet chunky monkey is packing on a bit more weight!  She is at 1370 grams, or 3 pounds and 0.33 oz.  That's right folks, we've got a THREE POUNDER over here!  Whoop whoop! Lucie has been very stable and the medical team decided to not make any changes to her ventilation settings or feedings.  We aren't expecting any changes tomorrow either, since they are waiting until Monday morning to run her complete blood work.  At that point they will probably make some adjustments if needed.

We got to the NICU at the time she gets one of her feedings, and Drea did Kangaroo Care during that time.  We noticed that Lucie started to have an unusual amount of "dips" again. She kept having d-sats, short for desaturation, where her oxygen saturation level in her blood kept "dipping" into the 70's, which is below the acceptable range.  Anything above 80% saturation is what is acceptable (for now) for Lucie. Since she's a preemie, she is "allowed" to have a couple of dips every now and then, but this many felt like out of her norm to us.  Sorry for all the medical lingo.  Anywaayyyy... Kangaroo Care is so beneficial for babies, so Drea was hesitant about ending that time, but after awhile, we thought it might be better to bundle Lucie up and have Drea hold her in her arms.  Not even a minute went by, and Lucie was kicking butt in the 90's!!  So we have concluded in our medical opinion (haha) that Lucie just doesn't like to be on her belly after she has eaten, which was the case last night and this afternoon. This kind of explains why she got uncomfortable and had an unusual number of d-sats both times.  After we flipped her to be on her back in Drea's arms, we had a peaceful hour and a half with no "dips".

Oh, and guess who's wearing preemie clothes today? Hope you enjoy the great pictures below and that you have a wonderful Saturday night!

Please continue to be praying for Lucie's upcoming week.  She will have her head sono at some point, and the blood work on Monday will help to determine if the medication to improve her blood count is working.


Los Hicksons


Our little "star"... Drea is jealous that Lucie can rock the color yellow so well!


Love these big eyes!