Lucie Update- Feb 20, 2015

Happy Friday Folks!

Whew, we are exhausted, it has been a long, cold week up here in NYC.  That hasn't stopped Lucie though, she has been warm and toasty!  We just wanted to share a quick update before we get to bed for some much needed shut eye.  (Rob got a head start, as you can see below!)

Since she has passed the 4 pound mark, they have lowered the temperature in her Isolette.  This is helping her learn to maintain her own body temperature, which means she has literally been keeping herself warm and toasty :).  Tonight she gained some more weight, so she is at 1835 grams, or just about 4 lbs and 1 oz.

Lucie "sprinted" again overnight for 6 hours, and then during the day today for 7 hours.  Just to remind you, "sprinting" is when they remove the rate settings from her ventilator to see if she can tolerate it and breath at her own rate well enough to maintain her stats. (They switch her ventilator from Nasal SIMV to Nasal SPONT.)  It's incredible to see her being able to do this for longer and longer periods of time.  The short term goal is to have her on Nasal SPONT for the full day, so they are gradually weaning her from Nasal SIMV a little bit more and more each day.  This brings her one step closer to eventually being weaned off of the ventilator completely!  Woohoo!

Have a good night y'all and thanks for lifting us up in prayer continually!


Drea, Rob, Lucie Pie and Bessy Bear


Oh those little piggies!  


Her cheeks are really filling in now! 


Both my cuties, zonked out after a looooong week.