Lucie Update- Feb 11, 2015

Hey Guys! 

Drea and I continue to be a part of God's miraculous work! First things first, our sweet Lucie Pie is a 32 weeker! Totes cray-cray for realzies (Translation: we think that's totally crazy)! They have gone down on her ventilation settings some (down to 24% O2, don't forget 21% is what you and I breathe every day :D). She is eating like a true Hickson at 30mL every three hours... maybe not quite a "true" Hickson, but c'mon, we Hicksons are eaters ;). Oh, and some... hmmm, I guess you could say big news... probably more like HUGE ANSWER TO PRAYER!!! Lucille's head sonogram came back this afternoon and her grade 3 and grade 4 bilateral brain bleeds are RESOLVED! It is with overwhelming joy that we share this news! God has been so gracious in hearing our prayers!

I was telling Andrea at dinner after we prayed that I could just picture the lead Nurse Practitioner, Elissa coming out from her office as soon as we walked into the NICU letting us know that the brain bleeds had completely resolved. We were both really hoping in faith and pleading with the Lord that they would be resolved today. So, as soon as we walked by Elissa's office, she noticed us and just said... "oh, hi guys". Inside we were thinking: "WHAT?! No jumping and screaming good news? Just be cool Rob/Drea... maybe the results just showed another small change," we thought to ourselves. After a few minutes, she came over to "Lucille's Headquarters". She said, "So, you know Lucie had the head sono today..." (YES, that's all we've been thinking about for TWO WEEKS, spill it!) "Well, they still see moderate dilation of the ventricals, but the blood is gone, it's resolved." "What? Resolved?!" we were speechless. Then she said, "Wait, I want to read out the report to you." She read that there was no longer any presence of blood and that although mild dilation of the ventricles remained her brain was stable and the sonogram was otherwise unremarkable. (It's a funny choice of words for the report to say "unremarkable" because we think it's pretty REMARKABLE) Annnnnnnnnd of course, Drea and I immediately burst into tears of joy and could only thank God (some thanks and shout outs to the nurses of course). I still well up just writing about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you LORD! 

Thank you so much everyone for praying for our sweet Lucie-Lyn! They will continue to do the head sonos every two weeks to watch for those ventricles to retract, so please keep that in your prayers as well. Afterward, when Drea went to go get the hospital gown so she could hold Lucille tonight, Elissa was back in her office and said to her, "That's the power of preemies... and the power of prayer." To which Drea replied, "AMEN!" So, thank you for partnering with us in this time, AND being a part of this miracle. 

We love you all and are forever grateful for your prayers and support!


Rob, Drea, Lucie, and Bess (A.K.A. Los Hicksons)

P.S Mateo was discharged yesterday! It will be a couple months before the family heads back to Honduras. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers and Amen to having a God who can multi-task. ;)