Lucie Update- Jan 5, 2015

Hey Gang!

I'm glad Andrea got to talk to you some yesterday, I kinda started to feel like I was "hogging" it. Also, I would just like to say please don't be alarmed if you do not get our updates at night anymore as we are trying to figure out the best time to send it now that things are getting back in full swing. BUT, you will be updated ;).

So, today's aka "last night's" update is on the "boring" side, which is GREAT! Lucille's head circumference is the same it's been for the past three days, this is amazing as it shows there is not pressure or swelling in her brain... at least she's not cocky about how awesome she has been doing, so that's good too ;).  Get it, since her head's not growing too quickly?  Haha!

Lucie-Lyn's feeds have gone up again! This is great and we couldn't be more excited. She's even figuring out she has a tongue (OHHHHHHHHH yea, cutest picture below). She has a head sonogram scheduled for today (1/6/15) so please keep her in your prayers for that. Other than that, like I said, it's a pretty boring update... vitals are all doing well and continuing to be monitored.

We are so grateful for everyone's continued prayers and support throughout this time. We look forward to Lucie Girl's first "meet & greet"... BUT, before I get carried away with press passes, etc. we ARE continuing to keep it one day at a time. But seriously, how cool would those press passes be?!


The Fab Four (Rob, Drea, Lucille, and Bess)