Lucie Update- Dec 31, 2014

To our beloved friends and family,

We were able to see Lucille this afternoon, and will go back again tonight (to wish her Happy New Year), but just wanted to give you quick update like we did on Christmas, so you can enjoy and focus on your time with family and loved ones. Lucie-Lyn is still eating for 10hrs every 12hrs and they have increased the actual amount they give her in that time, hopefully that means she is able to tolerate the feeds, which is great!  Her vitals are good and she is steadily putting on weight :D. Momma Bear's hives have gone away, so she was able to touch Lucie again for the first time since Christmas (see picture below)!  Lucie also had her head sonogram this afternoon around 4:30pm, so hopefully the report will be in the system soon, that way we can hear the results; we are hoping they come back great :D, please join us in praying for them. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support, not only recently with Lucie (which we will all was remember and be grateful for), but for all of 2014 and then some. We would like to wish you and your loved ones a VERY Happy New Year and as many blessings as you can handle for the 2015 year!

All the best!

Rob, Drea, Lucille, and Bess

PS - How sweet is that knitted hat on Lucie?  A group of volunteers gave them to the NICU for the babies.  Drea is going to start learning to knit soon too, so she can make another fashionable hat for Lucille.