Lucie Update- Dec 29, 2014

IMPORTANT: This will NOT be a "boring" update

IT CLOSED, IT CLOSED, IT CLOSED!!!! At around 11:30am Andrea had a conversation with the NICU telling her about the procedure that they were going to have to do tomorrow to close the duct in Sweet Lil' Lucie's heart... at 3:00PM, when Andrea went to visit Lucille, the nurse came up and told her IT CLOSED!!!! That's right, Lucille's heart murmur is gone (we know there's a chance it could open back up, so please continue to pray), but, for now.... it's closed :D. And just like that, at the touch of a button alllllllll the munchkins from munchkin land came out and surrounded Andrea singing: "Ding-Dong the murmur's gone, the murmur's gone, the murmur's gone. Ding-Dong the wicked murmur's gooooooone". The nurses all broke out into a musical number, singing and tap dancing. The Rockets popped out from behind the front desk and did their famous high kicks with Drea in the middle of their line, an'....eeehhhhhh too far?... when should I have stopped?

Soooooo, if you couldn't tell by now, we could not be more excited with this wonderful news! Lucie-Lyn's vitals are all doing great, the nurse even said they will be looking to increase her food in the next day or so :D. In her words, the nurse said, "Now, she just has to work on fattening up" :D, so bring on the bacon cheese burgers and shakes! If she is anything like her papa bear, she's gonna be an eater, just keep praying that she tolerates the feeds so that she can digest and that everything will go out the right way...

Please continue to pray for our little girl as I know we still have a long road ahead of us. She is still on the breathing tube, and we need to take each day as they come. Your prayers and support have been such a huge help in our being able to make it through this.

For other updates, Drea's first day at home was good. She had wonderful friends pop in to visit with her and were even kind enough to help with the pup. My first day back at work went great as well. It was good to be back in the sports world, seeing my coworkers and finding that routine again. 

Please continue to pray that Drea would heal quickly, however not rushing it. And for the residual hives on her hands to go away so she can touch her sweet baby girl!!  That I would continue to be excellent at work. AND, that Lucie-Lyn would get FAT and HAPPY!!!!!!!!! Please continue to also pray for these excellent days to keep coming :D (boring days are acceptable too).

Hope you enjoy the picture we captured from our visit today with Lucie-Lyn.  #WeLoveLucie

We love you all!


The Fatties :D

(Or: Rob, Drea and "Fatty to Be" Lucille and Bess)