Lucie Update- Dec 27, 2014

Good Evening Friends and Family!

Today was an excellent day! For those of you keeping score at home that's one more point for the good guys!!! :D

Couple of things we are thankful and praising God for. First one being BOTH eyes are open! That's right, those pirate days are behind us. She even seemed eager to sit up, next thing you know she'll be doing cartwheels :D. Her vitals looked good, she has been peeing a lot (which is good, bad for the future "us" and our environment for how many diapers she is going to be cranking through... Drea got watch them changer her and was able to see Lucille's boney butt today :D it's the tinniest lil thing... I'm sure all of these emails will totally embarrass Lucie one day... OK OK, let's focus).  Her sugar and sodium are down, back in the normal ranges, which is great.  Her weight has still been coming down (1 lbs 4 oz), but the doctors' are not concerned with that, especially since she was on the medication for the murmur and they have still discontinued her milk.  They are giving her lipids which will hopefully add some weight, if she lays still long enough that is. We still aren't sure where she gets her hyperactive movement from, but I'm pretty sure it's safe to rule me out ;). 

Please continue to pray for rest for our sweet Lucie-Lyn and that the excellent days would continue to dominate the tough days. Her head ultrasound is still to come, and the murmur is still there. The rest has been so helpful as her heart rate, blood pressure, and lungs are very stable. Also continue to pray for Andrea that her hives would go away and that she would be able to touch the baby as soon as possible. I am feeling MUCH better as we got a full 12 hours of sleep :D (went to bed at 5pm yesterday, woke up feeling so much better). Thank you all for you prayers, continued support through meals, and generous giving. We are floored by how much everyone has surrounded us in this time and humbled by how loved we are!



Robby, Andrea and little but not least, Lucille :D... and let's not forget Bess