About Me

I'm Andrea, but mostly I go by Drea.  I was born in Kansas City, MO, raised in Puerto Rico and Florida and then in 2009, my husband Robby and I moved to the Big Apple, NYC!  The purpose of this blog, is to be a virtual journal.  A way of just keeping a record of me and my family as we live out our lives.  I have always loved journaling... and blogging is another great, creative way for me to journal.  Living in NYC, away from our families, inspired me to start this blog.  It's been such a great way for our loved ones to get a better glimpse of what we are up to.

I have also always loved taking pictures, and happily, I married a very creative guy who loves taking pictures even more than I do.  This blog is filled with pictures and memories of our many experiences, get-togethers and projects.  Thanks for sharing in our story.